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The Electro-Voice® TX2152 excels where all other dual, 15-inch loudspeakers fail - transient detail. The secret to the TX2152 is its combination of dual, SMX2150 low-distortion woofers with an integrated analog crossover that uses elliptical filters to achieve 36 dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency. The result is crossover performance that surpasses many electronic DSP devices and bi-amping. 

To keep up with all this output, the TX2152 is the only Tour X model that employs the neodymium ND2 compression driver found in EV's small and medium size line arrays. The TX2152 also benefits from outstanding pattern control of the larger, rotateable, 60 degree x 40 degree horn. Its unique backbone grille not only looks great, but also provides greater strength and damage resistance than simple grille block designs. Proprietary, ergonomically correct handles and angled input panels, and six, .375-inch, threaded suspension inserts make the TX2152 easy to transport and employ in a variety of applications.